How To Write Letter To Prime Minister Of Canada

The mandate letter from the Prime Minister to the Minister of Canadian Heritage outlines changes that will positively affect Canadian arts, culture, and heritage. Unfortunately, that letter has a conspicuous absence: renewed financial and administrative support, as well as oversight of mandates and operations, for Library and Archives Canada. […]

How To Tell If A Gay Guy Likes You Online

Gay Dating ; Lesbian Dating ; The Ugly Truth – When a Guy Just Isn’t That Into You don’t be a pushover in the hope that he’ll like you more for it. A guy will actually appreciate you more and respect you far more as a person if you’re straight with him. But if he realises he’s not in for an easy ride and disappears shortly afterwards, then unfortunately you’ll have your […]

How To Connect Inverter To Power Travel Trailer

Check the RV power inverter or RV power converter if the AC does not power on. Check that the correct conversion has been used for your AC unit. An inverter changes DC to AC power, whereas a converter changes AC to DC power. Check the circuit breaker for a tripped or blown fuse. Change the fuse as directed by the manufacturer of your generator. […]

How To Get Rid Of Secure Search

How to remove Secure Search Bar manually Step 1: Remove Secure Search Bar from Control Panel In order to get rid of Secure Search Bar, first thing you need to […]

How To Tell If Cider Is Fermenting

Once again I turn to your collective wisdom. I bought a gallon of lovely organic apple cider and when I opened it (plenty before the sell-by date) earlier this week, it had already begun to turn. Short of returning it to the market and demanding a refund, is there any way to make good use of this […]

How To Set Up A Direct Mail Business

Not only are people almost 4x more likely to open direct mail versus email (Epsilon), the direct mail response rate has actually increased since 2010 (DMA). This means that when done strategically, direct mail is a great way to increase revenue for your small business. […]

How To Stop Twitter Emails On Iphone

Can I Prevent Mail from Loading Attachments While Abroad? [iPhone Q & A] Twitter Facebook Google + Tutorials. Mar 5, 2010. Abroad. Attachments. iPhone Q & A. Mail. 10570 Views. 6 Comments. This post is part of the iPhone Q & A series, where I address iPhone-related questions that readers email me. Bryan writes: I have a new iPhone and am on my first international trip with it. Works fine […]

How To Watch Warcraft 3 Replays

biggest imbalance ever to be on wc3, if you dont believe me, just watch this replay. no way to win at all. see for yourself and call me a noob all you want, cause i guarantee you you wouldnt be able to stop this overpowered crap. […]

How To Set Up Hyperx Cloud 2 Core

HyperX 2 года назад +TheSwordofFlames What are you connecting the Cloud Core to? Depends on your source, if it is a console you can try another controller with a 3.5mm jack. […]

How To Take Care Of Animals For Grade 1

Activities Baby Animal Names. The following song will help children learn the names of different baby animals. Write the song on chart paper and extend the experience by creating a chart that includes the names and pictures of additional baby animals, including ducklings, tadpoles, fawn, penguin chick, lion cubs, sea otter pups, and so on. […]

How To Use Police Dashcam To Win Speeding Ticket

Dash Camera Footage Overturns Traffic Ticket. on July 30, 2012 in News. Mark Fiorino was ticketed for failing to stop before turning right on a red light. Unlike many others he had concrete evidence that he came to a full stop. As a a self professed gadget guy he installed a dash camera in his vehicle (possibly due to his prior confrontation with police over open carry laws) and captured the […]

How To Solve Ratio Problems

We will discuss here how to solve the problems on Ratio. 1. What should be added to each term of the ratio a : b to make x : y? Solution: Let p is to be added to each term of a : b to get the ratio x : y […]

How To Write A Good Closing Sentence

Conclude with a sentence that's compound or parallel in structure; such sentences can establish a sense of balance or order that may feel just right at the end of a complex discussion. To close the discussion without closing it off, you might do one or more of the following: […]

How To Turn Off Helmet On Motorcycle Gta V

2002-09-18 · IGNPS2: Can you get knocked off the bike you¿re riding? Do you get injured if you fall off a motorcycle?Jeremy: Collide into something hard enough and you may very well be thrown off the motorcycle. […]

How To Short Sell Shares Td Waterhouse

TORONTO, July 3, 2012 /CNW/ - TD Bank Group (TD) announced today that Bharat Masrani, Group Head U.S. Personal and Commercial Banking TD Bank Group and President & CEO TD Bank, America's Most Convenient Bank advised of his intention to exercise up to 146,508 options for TD common shares. […]

How To Make Excel 2016 Stop Changing Fractions

2014-05-14 Hi guys, need help with something. I do a lot of accounting work on Excel and something is driving me crazy. I change the whole sheet to Accounting format, but whenever I type something like "+1/5" into a cell, it displays as "1/5" where in the formula bar is "0.2". […]

How To Send A Text Message On Iphone 5

Re: iPhone 5 send txt message to 474663 in background This was a problem I had at WIND before they were officially an Apple device provider. It was a brief time for me with an iPhone 5s, but took much of that time before iMessage worked via the phone number, rather than my AppleID only. […]

How To Write A Letter Of Appreciation To My Pastor

Receiving an appreciation letter, whether from an employer, a pastor, a government official, a charitable organization or someone else, helps make all the hard work worthwhile, particularly for volunteers who do not receive paychecks. […]

How To Watch Porn On Instagram

Free Parents’ Guides to Snapchat and Instagram Posted on May 20, 2013 by Larry Magid in Child safety , Safety Advice and Tools , Teens Safety // 0 Comments Two free Parents' Guides help parents demystify and take the fear out of popular photo-sharing apps […]

How To Tell If You Have Scarial Iliac Pain

Avoid exercises that require you to stand on one leg, twist, carry a heavy object on one side of the body or assume extreme postures as they will increase the level of your pain. Therapeutic Exercise Exercise programs for sacroiliac joint pain can help to relieve pain and prevent future injury. […]

How To Set Up Blog Wordpress Hubspot Subdomain

If you’re running these on WordPress, you should set up HubSpot to run on a subdomain and run WordPress on the main domain. Then install the HubSpot tracking code in your WordPress … […]

How To Write A Great Opening Statement

11 Tips for Writing a Powerful Statement of Purpose [Sample SOP Included] How do you write a great statement of purpose that sounds original, but at the same time gives the admissions committee what they are looking for? Simple. Basically, every university expects a student to answer to some basic questions that the admissions committee has. They may not ask you openly, but these are […]

How To Set Network Connection Priority In Windows 10

For instructor-led Windows 10 training, see our complete Windows 10 course schedule. Some of these adapters are connected to internal resources, and some to external networks. And because I test and experiment with my PC, those connections change periodically. […]

How To Write So Much More

So first, get your content right, before starting to tighten your sentences, and don’t worry about getting everything right (“right” doesn’t exist in writing anyway), focus on what you think will have the biggest impact on your writing. […]

How To Sit With Tf Pain

MG TF. The MG TF was the last of the T-Type roadsters and the most refined. Most easily recognized by their faired-in headlights and octagonal gauges, the grille was also sloped back and engine output increased in comparison to its predecessor the TD. […]

How To Watch Dear Evan Hansen

Dear Evan Hansen Tickets. Watch this exciting event on 01/31/2019 7:30PM in Seattle, WA from tickets from GoodyTickets. Why would you need to wait in line at Paramount Theatre - Seattle box office when you can get the best seats available in the house with GoodyTickets. […]

How To Start Building A Good Credit Score

A credit score is a 3-digit number ranging from 300 to 900. Every individual who has availed a credit (loan or credit card) at a point of time will have a score. […]

How To Stop Facebook Notifications On A Laptop

How to Control Facebook Notification Settings on Computer. Step #1. Go to Sign in to your account. Then, click on the tiny downward arrow icon at the top right corner. Step #2. Now, click on Settings > Notifications. Step #3. Next, you have four options: Facebook; Email; […]

How To Tell If Its Cramps Or Appendicitis

2018-12-11 One of the first signs of appendicitis in women is pain near the belly button that progresses to the lower right side of the abdomen. Fever may also […]

How To Turn Off Reload In Tf2 Cheats

Your achievements and stats can be viewed in Steam under: "Community -> My profile -> View all my games -> Team Fortress 2 (view stats)" These achievements can only be done as the Scout class. Doing 10 of them unlocks a new primary weapon, doing 16 unlocks a new secondary weapon, doing 22 of them unlocks a new melee weapon. […]

How To Stop Being A Youtube Partner

After you tell your partner how you feel, remember to stop talking and listen to what they have to say. You both deserve the opportunity to express how you feel in a safe and healthy environment. You both deserve the opportunity to express how you feel in a safe and healthy environment. […]

One Plus 3t How To Turn Off Android System Notification

Follow below given step by step guide to enable unknown sources android Oreo 8.0 devices such as Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, LG, HTC U11, Moto Z, Moto Z plus, Galaxy S8, One Plus 5/3T etc. […]

How To Turn Subtitles On Netflix Samsung Smart Tv

Simply call Samsung technical support on 800-SAMSUNG and ask for the Samsung remote management team to do a hard reset on your smart TV set. How to Fix Netflix on a Roku If the general tips above don't work in getting the Netflix app working on your Roku , the best solution may be to deactivate your connection to the app and then reactivate it. […]

How To Tell If Yellow Squash Is Bad

Lift the bag of squash from your refrigerator and hold it up so you can see the zucchini through the bag. If they're visibly turning pulpy at the bottom or are mired in a white, milky-looking liquid, don't even bother opening the bag. They're spoiled and should be discarded or composted. […]

How To Stop Windows 7 Pop Up Renewal

How can i stop up pop ups on my lenovo laptop. Windows 7. Control panel then performance and tools. yes - Answered by a verified Tech Support Specialist Windows 7. Control panel then performance and tools. yes - Answered by a verified Tech Support Specialist […]

How To Win Texas Hold Em

The game is $1/$2 No-Limit Texas Hold'em, the Chevy Cavalier of poker. The minimum buy-in is $40 and the max $200. $1/$2 is the smallest No-Limit game run in […]

How To Walk In The Evil Within 2 On Keyboard

Chapter 11 - Reconnecting Walkthrough Guide The Evil Within 2. 0. Post Comment . 2. 6. Next Walkthrough Chapter 12 - Bottomless Pit Prev Walkthrough Chapter 10 - Hidden from the Start. Chapter 11 begins at Torres' hideout. The player is tasked with returning to The Marrow and getting to O'Neal again. Search the Laboratory to get the Unity Cerebral Chip; Talk to Esmeralda; Pass through The […]

How To Set Parental Guidance On You Tube

Billy Crystal, Bette Midler and Marisa Tomei prove that laughter is relative in this hilarious comedy that's fun for the whole family!Old-school grandparents... […]

How To Set Up 30a Esc

Update 08.2016: Only the Aikon SEMF 30A ESC achieved to push the motor further and got 945g of max thrust. This is so far the best result among all BLHeli and BLHeli_S ESC. But if you look at the 1800us throttle, you will find that the ZTW Flash 30A and the DYS XS30A performed a bit better than the rest. […]

How To Tell If You Are Gluten Intolerant

Mark Hyman MD is the Director of Cleveland Clinics Center for Functional Medicine, the Founder of The UltraWellness Center, and a ten-time #1 New York Times Bestselling author. […]

How To Turn Off Airplane Mode On Android

The airplane mode setting on your device serves many purposes and the primary one of those is turning off the cellular and the radio frequency signals that are … […]

Sc2 How To Start Offline

2013-04-07 · Hello, I've been trying for the past day or 2 to get Sc2 HoTs to work.. I used the new crack, installed the new cache, and tried to login in with the account.. however every time it tells me the same message "Starcraft II Starer edition can't play in Offline mode"... if I use my junk account it tells me "Authorization […]

How To Stop Alcohol Withdrawal Seizures

When withdrawing from alcohol, some addicted users experience severe symptoms such as seizures and delirium tremens (the DTs). The potential for these problems makes alcohol detox more dangerous than most other forms of detox. […]

How To Write Juris Doctor On Email

Page 1 of 5 Elon University School of Law Center for Professional Development How to Write a Legal Resume PURPOSE The primary purpose of a resume is to get a job interview, which is why it is so important to create a […]

How To Make A Baby Stay Asleep Longer

Give your baby the chance to fall asleep on her own. You can start this as early as six weeks as your baby’s natural circadian rhythms, or the ‘sleep-wake cycle’, which helps regulate her sleep, start to develop (NSF nd) . […]

How To Do Conflict Search On Pc Law

Conflict of interest. 2 (1) For the purposes of this Act, a member has a conflict of interest when the member exercises an official power or performs an official duty or function in the execution of his or her office and at the same time knows that in the performance of the […]

How To Send 15gb File Free

4shared is a web-based service for online file sharing that offers full 15GB online data storage for free. There are many online providers that provide free online storage, but hardly anyone offers such huge free online storage space. […]

How To Remote Start Cadillac Escalade

Remote Start Auto Heated/Cooled Seats – The heated or cooled seats will turn on during a remote start when outside temperatures warrant if the Remote Start Heated or Cooled Seats option is select- […]

How To Write A Private Blog

Only logged in users with right permissions can see it among your blog posts. Any user who has the permission to publish a post can write a private post and publish it. The post will be visible to the user and following user roles. Administrator Can create, edit, and delete any private post created by any user on a WordPress site. Editor Can create, edit, and delete any private […]

How To Set Up Ps4 Alerts With Streamlabs

Is there a way to add alerts or overlay to your stream from a PS4 console? So if I'm streaming through the Twitch app on my PS4, is it possible to have an alert pop-up if someone follows me? So if I'm streaming through the Twitch app on my PS4, is it possible to have an alert pop-up if someone follows me? […]

How To Tell If Someone Is Insane

Fuckboys are guys who will tell you the world and then dump you out of nowhere. Here's how to spot them before they break your heart. Here's how to spot them before they break your heart. Be gone […]

How To Wear A Bolo Tie Video

Video: Bolo Tie . Video. Bolo Tie. Get ready for the return of PLAYING HOUSE! Go to to watch Seasons 1 & 2 of the hilarious series or catch up on VOD. Share this video . Clips. Couch Clip 1. Couch Clip 1. Clip. Clip. Couch Clip 2. Couch Clip 2. Clip . Clip. S1 E10 Maggie & Emma Try to Calm Down the Baby […]

How To Tell What Expansions You Own In Eso

You lose access to the DLC's. You do keep the DLC skill line and points you spent in them but cant spend more points or level them up further. You do keep the DLC skill line and points you spent in them but cant spend more points or level them up further. […]

How To Start A Ttc Bus

158 reviews of TTC - Toronto Transit Commision "On the 5th of December, I was riding the southbound bus on Kipling Ave. when a large Afro-Canadian gentleman keeled over on the bus. The bus driver immediately stopped the bus and offered assistance […]

How To Set Up Hd Base T

The player allows to connect network drives via SMB and NFS protocols. It is possible to connect any number of network drives. Each connected network drive is represented in the Main screen (root folder of the file browser) as a folder, called "network folder". […]

How To Start A Payday Loan Business In Texas

Texas Payday Loan Residents will have no problem finding a payday loan in the Lonestar State. The payday loan industry thrives in Texas, as payday lending centers are easier to find than Wal-Mart. […]

How To Work Out Loan To Value Ratio

The Loan to Value Ratio Calculator is a financial calculator that will instantly calculate the loan to value (LTV) ratio of any property if you enter in the mortgage amount and the property value. The loan to value calculation is an important financial calculation that is done by homeowners and lenders to determine if the homeowners has enough equity in their home to qualify for certain mortgage interest rates (the … […]

How To Write Kana On Computer

In Kana mode, click or press the Space key to toggle between Hiragana input and Katakana input. In Kanji mode, as you type the Chinese or Japanese reading of a character in English, suggested Kanji characters will be displayed on the number key row. […]

How To Set Up Gps On Fitbit Charge 2

I just purchased the new Fitbit Charge 2 but have hesitated to go online and set it up until Im sure it is safe to use with my health conditions. […]

How To Start Trading Cryptocurrency In Canada

Crypto currency (also referred to as "altcoins") uses decentralized control instead of the traditional centralized electronic money or centralized banking systems. This page is a gateway to's in depth coverage of the alt-coin market […]

How To Turn On A Motorola Walkie Talkie

2012-12-03 · Best Answer: OK, right. So I don't know which model of Uniden you have, use my Ouija board to guess, Google for the guessed user manual and then tell you what page in the manual to find how to switch it off. […]

How To Watch Lion King Online

The Lion King is a 2019 Fairview Entertainment, Walt Disney Pictures With the launch of the The Lion King of the nueva versión of Disney classic, many fans of the film noted their displeasure because it seemed an identical copy of the 1994 film, but it has been clarified that the live action of 'The Lion King' will extra scenes. […]

How To Tell Sociopath Psychopath

It can be difficult to know how to spot a sociopath for several reasons. Firstly, sociopaths are often actively hiding their true nature because they know that people would run a mile if they introduced themselves as sociopaths. […]

How To Work Bottom Part Of Chest

Our chest is made up of the pectoral muscles- major and minor. The pectoral major is obviously the bigger of the two covering most of the clavier and sternum attaching to the upper arm. […]

How To Stop Music From Playing On Laptop

Cannot keep playing music when screen off? Started by davissmith , And If I turn off screen while playing music with Windows Media Player, all sound will be turned off too. I want to fix that […]

How To Talk About Tone Colour In Music

Vision and color are at the heart of painting. Here is the most comprehensive discussion for artists of color perception, color psychology, "color theory" and color mixing available online, and one of the most comprehensive available anywhere in any format. […]

How To Watch Canadian Mtv

TORONTO -- Five things to watch for in the Canadian business world in the coming week: Cabinet shuffle. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will shuffle his cabinet Monday to deal with the resignation […]

How To Search For Pdf Documents On Google

When it comes to sharing of digital documents, PDF is undoubtedly the format of choice. Short for Portable Document Format, PDF has a horde of features, such as extensive cross platform compatibility, annotation and form-filling support, and the ability to edit and reproduce documents without any formatting losses. […]

How To Set Exception Contacts In Do Not Distub Mode

Here’s how you can bypass Do Not Disturb mode in iOS 10 for individual contacts in order to receive their texts and calls even with the aforementioned mode turned on. Apple’s Do Not Disturb is an often underused feature of iOS, with many people unaware of its merits. […]

How To Win Endless Lake

Found a city where you start. If necessary, a field or two away, provided that you have enough movement points, to get there. The maps are generated in a way that allows all of the players to start at the same level, more or less. […]

How To Wear A Leather Lariat Necklace

The Brave Wrap Lariat Necklace is a long, handcrafted necklace designed to be worn with interchangeable charm "pieces" that easily slide on and off. […]

How To Search A Word In Eclipse Project

You probably do not want to copy the text, so we will import the file into our project. The driver program is actually a file containing a Java class, PairOfDiceDriver with … […]

How To Sell Acrylic Paintings For 20000

2017-04-30 · How to make your acrylic pours sing and sell your paintings. If you enjoy my videos you can support me by using. You don't need a account to use their site. My email […]

How To Tell If Your Iphone 6 Is Hacked

How-To: Hack Your iPhone with a PC. Mike Overbo. 10 Sep 2007 14 figure 1: for Windows PCs. Ever since the iPhone was announced, people have been clamoring to write native applications for it. Sadly, Apple has not yet released the tools necessary to develop those apps. However, if you've been following the iPhone news you realize that the iPhone has been "hacked." What does this mean to you […]

How To Show Details In Samsung Email Client

GET TO KNOW THE Samsung Galaxy S Email. 4. Enter the account details. For a POP3 account, enter the username, password, POP3 server, security type, and port. Select whether email should be deleted from the server. Touch Next. For an IMAP account, enter the username, password, IMAP server, security type, port, and IMAP path prefix. Touch Next. For a Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync […]

How To Set Yahoo Mail Font Size

For example, if you don’t also adjust the default font settings for replies, forwards, or plain text emails, then the default fonts for those messages will remain intact. Additionally, if you were in the middle of composing an email when you made these changes, the font will not change for that current message. […]

How To Take Care Of A Sick 2 Year Old

Exercise 2: Can I Take FMLA Leave To Care For My Family Member? 1. My five-year old granddaughter lives with me because my daughter is an unwed mother in prison. My granddaughter recently had a tonsillectomy that required an overnight hospital stay. Can I take FMLA leave to care for her at home while she recovers? Yes. Because you stand in loco parentis due to your day-to-day care … […]

How To Train Your Dragon Book Set Hardcover

Booktopia - Buy Boxed Sets books online from Australia's leading online bookstore. Discount Boxed Sets books and flat rate shipping of $6.95 per online book order. Discount Boxed Sets books and flat rate shipping of $6.95 per online book order. […]

How To Take Care Of A Black Eye

Black-Eyed Susan perennials can provide food for birds in the fall, so you may want to wait to cut the flowers back until spring. Mulching is especially important in the first year after planting Black-Eyed Susans. Perennials need to be exposed to some cold to become hardy and strong, so wait to apply mulch until around the middle of November. […]

How To Sell Your Art In Toronto

How to Sell Your Artwork on Consignment Please check out our Facebook Live stream about selling on consignment on our Facebook page. Selling your artwork on consignment This post is intended for artists selling their own work, not for collectors wanting to sell someone else’s art work. […]

How To Set Up A Softball Line Up Score Sheet

It fits on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper and allows you to score both teams on the same page. Youth Baseball Scorecard Russ S. has created a PDF scorecard for tracking youth baseball games. […]

How To Turn Off Prime On

The latest coupon codes at CouponFollow. unlimited photo storage + more w/ Amazon Prime Canada. Try it FREE for 30 days! Get This Deal. in coupons . 20%. OFF COUPON CODE Save 20% Off w/ Coupon Code <3 Just click right here & you can use this Coupon Code for 20% OFF Vitamin C Cleanser. KZ9 Show Coupon Code. Shared by @oz_naturals. Never … […]

How To Start A Car Insurance Company

Business Start Up Guide; Business Start Up Guide Our useful guide to starting up a new small business . By Kevin Pratt on Wednesday 25 May 2016 . Setting up a new business can be a daunting, but very exciting prospect, and its no surprise that more of us are deciding to go it alone. In this Article {{}} Get a business insurance quote now. Get a quote now Unemployment in the […]

How To Take Care Of Your Hair Properly

How to Properly Take Care of Your Closures. How to properly take care of your Closures. Frontals, and 360 Bands During your install, make sure you tie your hair down every night with a silk/satin scarf to keep it from unnecessarily tangling while you sleep. You can also put your hair in a silk/satin bonnet or sleep on a silk/satin pillow case. […]

How To Tell Counterfeit Ray Bans

How to Spot Fake Ray-Ban Sunglasses Investigate the packaging. Real Ray-Ban sunglasses come in official packaging (see photos above),... Code cracker. The sticker on the outside of the box should tell you a few things in order... Logo legitimate. Where is the Ray-Ban logo on the sunglasses? On […]

How To Turn Off Call Forwarding Telus

Unfortunately, call forwarding is not available for Telus Prepaid accounts. Also, if you forward your calls to a number outside of your local area, long distance charges will be applied. Users with long distance plans within Canada and the U.S. will also be charged if the calls are not forwarded to … […]

How To Watch Boxing Live For Free

How to Watch Boxing Online. How to Watch NBA Games Online For Free. How to Charge the EZ Go Golf Cart. How to Watch FREE NHL Games Live Online NOW. Contributor - Updated July 12, 2018 . You should first choose a site that has the NHL game you want to watch. There are some very reputable sites, some reputable and very stable sites and some sites that are neither. What follows are three that are […]

How To Tell A Male Cannabis Plant

The most reliable way is to look for small, tear drop shaped pods with rounded tips that grow near where the fan leaves connect to the main stem. Just check for them every day when you go to take care of your plants. Those are the pollen sacks that male plants develop. […]

How To Wish Your Friend Happy Birthday On Facebook

50 Happy Birthday Wishes for Facebook Friends. 1. Happy birthday and cheers to you on your birthday! Hope your birthday day becomes as memorable and important as the day you came to this earth for the first time. […]

How To Wear A Cilice

Use. There is some evidence, based on analyses of both clothing represented in art and preserved skin imprint patterns at Çatalhöyük in Turkey, that the usage of the cilice predates written history. […]

How To Start A Professional Organisation

8 Ways to Increase Association Membership by Marisa Cogan. Memberships are the lifeblood of many associations, and for good reason they represent professionals that establish standards and ethics in a given industry and, more importantly, they drive revenue. […]

How To Sell Anything Anna Vital

by Anna Vital How To Never Give Up on becoming an entrepreneur YOUR don't compare persist the dip stay alive lower your stronger fake it Say you are 30 now expectations di Careful This can kill you. Don't compare yourself to people You got about 60 Michael Jordan missed over 300 important shots years say it […]

How To Set Up Docking Station With Two Monitors

If your laptop only has one Thunderbolt/USB-C port, you’ll likely need some sort of docking station to connect two monitors to one port. We recommend checking out this Dell Thunderbolt Dock , though there are others out there as well. […]

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